Carlton Hardwoods

“Individually hand-crafted to its utmost natural beauty!”

That is what you can expect from Carlton Hardwood Flooring – a company with longevity and specializing in unique wood varietals in both hand distressed and smooth engineered flooring.

Established over 10 years ago, Carlton Hardwood currently features 12 distinctly stylish collections and finishes, and is constantly seeking out new and unique sustainable species with which to apply different construction and techniques.

Carlton Hardwood embraces design & innovation, with its research & development team truly dedicating themselves to the philosophy that they are ‘in the colour & design business just as much as they are in the hardwood business.’ Carlton Hardwood constantly strives to ensure customers are guaranteed the very best & most cutting-edge in hardwood options.

As an esteemed producer, Carlton Hardwood Flooring exemplifies a proven track record of quality products that are both sustainably sourced & display longevity without sacrificing a signature style.

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