Installing Your Floor

Before you begin…

Inspect material carefully before installation. Any material installed with obvious defects will not be warranteed.

In area to be installed, temperature and humidity must be brought to normal usage levels at least 72 hours before installation and maintained at those levels after installation. Flooring should be allowed to acclimatize on site at least 72 hours before installation. Be sure to use your moisture meter to check moisture levels in both the sub-floor and the bamboo flooring before installation.

Application Method

Nail or Glue Down

May be nailed or glued down over wood sub-floors or glued directly to concrete sub-floors on, above, or below grade.

Prep sub-floor surfaces

Ensure your surface is ready for a new floor.

Must be clean, dry, smooth and free of dirt, wax, oil, paint, curing agents and other contaminants that would interfere with adhesive bond. Old resilient floors can be installed over provided above conditions apply. Wood sub-floors must be sanded level prior to new installation. Concrete sub-floors must have all cracks and holes filled with a cementitious patching material (Ardex or equal). Concrete sub-floors must be tested for moisture and not exceed three pounds per 1,000 square feet using the calcium chloride test.

Looking into the Future

Innovation, design, and quality are cornerstone philosophies in our business.

Suzy Bamboo , and our affiliated plants, are always striving to produce the most advanced products in the fast ever changing developing world flooring markets. New products include: stair railing, hand rails, newel posts, veneers, eco-friendly bamboo panel, veneer wallpaper, and plywood and various other bamboo products for the housing market and consumer goods markets worldwide.