Walnut has long been sought after for the rich tones of its heartwood, which can range from light brown to dark chocolate brown, sometimes with dark streaks. Because of its abundance in the US, Walnut has always been a familiar favourite for a variety of uses, including furniture, cabinets, and fixtures. Another reason Walnut is so popular is because it is easy to work with, being straight grained and having a natural inclination to finish well and hold stain and paint exceptionally. Highly resistant to decay even in particularly unfavourable conditions, Walnut is a stout and elegant standard whose exceptional properties ensure that it will always be in style.


Manufacturer:Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring
Width4 1/2", 6", 7 1/2"
Locking SystemTongue & Groove
Overall Thickness9/16"
Wear Layer3mm
Layer of Finish11 coates of finish
Warranty by Manufacture25 Year finish, lifetime structure
Installation TypeFloating, Glue Down, Nail Down
TextureDistressed, Hand Ground, Hand Scraped
EdgeChiseled, Pillow Edge
Room TypeBedrooms, High-Traffic, Living Room, Powder Room, Stairs
Radiant HeatRadiant Heat Approved
Length6’ Random

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