Chene 7 1/2" Brushed Oak Floors

Embodying the rich, exotic flavor of imported French wine, The European engineered Floorin … (continued)

Oak Chianti provides stunning, midnight-hued planks that are perfect for areas of high con … (continued)

Oak Shiraz offers an elegant light-brown hue of old world vineyards, assembling an ambianc … (continued)

The luminous, ivory planks of Riesling are named for the highly perfumed variety of white … (continued)

Malbec wines are treasured for their intensity and brilliant, amethyst hues. And mirroring … (continued)

Oak Grigio’s delicate, sandy 7.5" planks speak simplicity and sunshine, lighting up your h … (continued)

Like the Chardonnay grape, these pale, soothing white European oak planks are highly versa … (continued)